Noticias de Passbook en Xataka Móvil

"Next up is a brand new app called Passbook." This is a place to collect boarding passes, store cards, and movie ticket apps. "When you get to the movie theater or the airport, you have to fumble around to find the pass. This organizes them." Is Apple answering a question no one asked with this one? Possibly. Or this will change you life. 11:35:05 AM PDT "Let me give you a quick demo of Passbook." 11:34:51 AM PDT "We've created templates to make this easy for devs." Geolocate will pull up your card when you're nearby a store. Like when you get to your local Starbucks. "The best way to get all of your passes and tickets together in one place." 11:36:57 AM PDT Cards are live — it will update your boarding pass with gate change info. Big cheers for that.